Zapata Computing

Active dates:

May 3, 2019 - May 3, 2019
STEX25 Participation:
May 3, 2019 - October 30, 2020
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100 Federal Street, 20th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
United States

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Founded in 2017 based on technology developed at Harvard University, Zapata is a leading innovator of Industrial Generative AI, a category of enterprise software that harnesses generative models for domain-specific, industrial-scale applications involving both language and numerical data.

Generative AI has always been part of Zapata’s DNA. Our innovation originates from quantum and quantum-inspired techniques for generative AI. In early 2023 we


At Zapata, we have pioneered quantum techniques for generative AI since the beginning. This includes generative models that run on quantum computers and quantum-inspired models that run on classical computers.

Here are two examples of Generative AI work Zapata has done:


Together with MIT, we used generative AI to optimize BMW’s vehicle manufacturing scheduling to minimize idle time while hitting production targets.
In 71% of cases, our quantum-inspired generative model tied or improved the traditional state-of-the-art optimization algorithms it was trained on.
The quantum-inspired generative model’s advantage was greatest for problem configurations with the largest number of possible solutions.

Andretti Autosport:

Andretti uses terabytes of data collected from sensors on their cars to inform their race strategy. However, some key variables cannot be measured directly.
We can infer data for these variables using complex mathematical models.
We experimentally validated that the generated data was highly accurate relative to the real data, with a mean squared error (MSE) of .0863 (perfect accuracy would be an MSE of zero).

Our focus and advantage is on solving hard problems that Enterprises face while addressing their requirements. We have experience working directly with Fortune 100 customers, we can keep data private, and we have the expertise to develop the appropriate algorithms that drive business outcomes.
Technology Description

Technology Description

Orquestra is Zapata’s platform for developing and deploying industrial generative AI applications. The platform provides an environment to build, fine-tune, compress and deploy generative AI applications.

The same features that made Orquestra a great tool for orchestrating quantum computing workflows make it a great tool for orchestrating generative AI workflows. Whether the goal is to simulate quantum chemistry or fine-tune a large language model, Orquestra is designed to harness the best computational resources available today, whether that’s quantum or classical while remaining forward compatible with future technology. The same benchmarking tools we use to compare the performance of quantum hardware backends can be used to compare different hardware and software configurations for generative AI, ensuring the best performance possible for a given problem.