Kytopen Corporation

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April 13, 2020 - April 13, 2020
STEX25 Participation:
April 13, 2020 - July 9, 2021
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501 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Kytopen is pioneering a novel and non-viral process to engineer human cells for applications in immuno-oncology and genetic disorders. This process can deliver genetic information encoded in mRNA, DNA, and CRISPR to billions of cells per minute while maintaining their therapeutic potential. Kytopen enabled engineered cell products will deliver cost-effective cell therapies for patients around the world.


Kytopen is developing platforms to accelerate the discovery and manufacturing of next-generation cell & gene therapies. The Flowfect technology offers a scalable, non-viral solution to deliver genetic payloads to cells in order to augment their functionality. The technology also enables continuous flow genetic manipulation of cells in a platform that can be easily automated and can be used to process both small and large sample volumes. We are integrating our technology with automated liquid handling systems and developing a large volume platform for therapeutic applications. The non-viral Flowfect solution will reduce the cost and accelerate time to market for discovering and manufacturing next-generation cell & gene therapies.
Technology Description

Technology Description

Kytopen enables transformative therapies with our patent-pending continuous Flowfect™ cell engineering platforms. The non-viral Flowfect™ technology is a fast, scalable, and gentle process that yields billions of high-quality engineered cells in minutes while maintaining cell health and function.

The Flowfect™ technology combines continuous fluid flow with electric fields for high efficiency delivery of payloads such as mRNA, DNA, and CRISPR Cas9 RNP to primary cells. By carefully synchronizing the pulse delivery with the fluid flow we have eliminated the harmful effects of traditional transfection via static electroporation. Our ex vivo cell engineering platform is compatible with primary cells being developed for immuno-oncology and gene editing applications.