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Zoom Webinar

Meet top emerging MIT-connected startups during this 2-day webinar featuring startups from MIT Startup Exchange’s accelerator program, STEX25.  The format is fast-paced, exposing attendees to a broad cross selection of technologies and use cases applicable to many different companies and industries. Sixteen startups will be presenting ‘lightning talks’ followed by Q&A.

Of special note, there will be brief panel discussions on topics related to startup-corporate partnerships. This is a great opportunity for corporate executives and startups alike to learn about challenges that can emerge when the two sides collaborate, and how to create circumstances to improve chances of successful partnerships.

July 21 - 23, 2020
Virtual Event

This session provides an overview of Startup Exchange services, and how startups can engage. It is intended for MIT-connected startups that are new to MIT Startup Exchange. Startups that might have registered a while ago and want to become more involved are welcome to attend as well. 

Wed, July 22, 2020
Invite Only
MIT Campus

MIT Startup Exchange presents its April Startup Workshop, centered around sustainable materials innovation. Today, there is a large and growing societal interest for greater sustainability in the material systems that provide for a modern life style. The call is across all industry sectors, and includes the entire value chain including raw materials, material processing, material uses, and end-of-cycle treatment/reuse. This represents a challenge and an opportunity for companies, and many MIT startups are developing and providing innovative technology and business model solutions.

Tue, September 15, 2020