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MIT Startup Exchange is convening a MIT Startup Exchange Demo Day on Wednesday, June 15 (11 AM – 12:15 PM ET).

Wed, June 15, 2022
Invite Only
Hyatt Centric Mountain View

This one-day event will bring together industry leaders, thought leaders, innovators and disruptors around the topic of Sustainability. We will explore sustainability and its business implications across industries from the perspective of senior corporate leaders, startup founders, investors and world class MIT faculty via keynotes, panel discussion, lightning talks and startup exhibits. Topic should appeal to a broad cross section of senior executives regardless of industry.
The event is jointly organized by the MIT Startup Exchange and the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP).
MIT Startup Exchange actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between MIT-connected startups and industry, exclusively members of MIT's Industrial Liaison Program. “MIT-connected” startups are based on licensed MIT technology, or are founded by MIT faculty, staff, or alumni. Currently, over 1,000 startups are registered with MIT Startup Exchange.

Wed, June 22, 2022