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MIT Startup Exchange is convening its eleventh installment of Demo Day on Wednesday, December 6 (12 PM – 1:15 PM ET). The event will feature lightning talks and Q&A, followed by breakout rooms.

This event is for ILP members. You can confirm your company's ILP membership here:

Wed, December 6, 2023
Virtual Event

This session provides an overview of the Startup Exchange program, and how startups can engage. It is intended for MIT-connected startups that are new to the program as well as others that might have registered a while ago and pivoted or achieved significant milestones.


Thu, December 7, 2023
Bangkok, Thailand

As the imperative for sustainable development intensifies, Thailand and Southeast Asia stand at the crossroads of challenges and opportunities in fostering effective industry-academic collaboration.  The region's diverse ecosystems and economies necessitate a nuanced understanding of the interplay between sectors, urging stakeholders to navigate obstacles, capitalize on synergies, and develop effective policies.

MIT faculty will be joined by MIT-connected startups to facilitate conversations with senior executives from Thailand to foster dialogue, share insights, and cultivate a roadmap for effective collaboration. Through a multifaceted exploration of challenges and opportunities, participants will contribute to shaping a future where industry and academia work together with local government to address pressing sustainability issues, with a focus on how MIT-industry collaboration can accelerate substantial results.

Thu, January 18, 2024
Invite Only
Tokyo, Japan

The 2024 MIT Japan Conference will feature future trends of research at MIT and highlight advances in key areas, including autonomous vehicle navigation, chemical engineering, the Chinese economy, energy storage and conversion, healthcare technologies, and materials science.

Please visit the MIT ILP site for the full agenda.

Tue, January 23, 2024